Philip Llewellyn Hudson

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Philip Llewellyn Hudson, Pampisford Brewery, Pampisford, Cambridgeshire and Ekin’s brewery, Cambridge

Founded by William Scruby in 1800.

Hudson purchased the Pampisford Brewery and Ekin’s brewery, Cambridge, in 1888. The deal comprised of the 2 breweries, 95 pubs and 3 maltings. Registered as Hudson’s Cambridge & Pampisford Breweries Ltd in 1892.

Acquired by Wells & Winch Ltd in 1931 with 68 houses. Converted into a vinegar factory in 1933 and to a window manufacturer in 1965. Most of the original buildings were demolished in 1962.

The following history of the breweries also contains a comprehensive list of their pubs:

The brewery features in The Noted Breweries of Great Britain and Ireland by Alfred Barnard published 1890.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 161,763

Description  : Label design cross in diamond & signature
Date of Application  : 7/1/1892

Used Prior to 1870?  : NO