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Charles Blundell was a beer wholesaler in Leominster in 1867. By 1878 he had become a brewer at the Britannia Brewery.
He was the only brewer in Leominster in 1879.
By 1881 whatever partnership he had was dissolved. The name must have been changed sometime around this point as afterwards it is referred to as the Leominster Brewery.

Paxton & Co, Leominster Brewery, 38 South Street, Leominster, Herefordshire.

Brewery built c.1876.

It had a number of owners including Alexander McNish (formerly a partner in Paine & Co. Ltd. of St.Neots) between 1895 and 1896.

Acquired from Paxton & Co. by the Hereford & Tredegar Brewery Ltd. with 13 houses in 1926.

The photos below shows 26 Broad Street, which belonged to Thomas Bristow Stallard, wine & spirits merchants of Leominster, Hereford and Worcester. It was acquired in 1897 by the Alton Court Brewery Co. Ltd and remained an off license under Stroud Brewery Co. Ltd, West Country Brys and Whitbread. It is now a solicitor’s office but interestingly the rear has been made into a mews development called Alton Court Mews, remembering the old off license owners.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 198,422
Description : Alderman
Date of Application : 03/10/1896
Used Prior to 1875? : NO