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Nuttall & Co. (Blackburn) Ltd, Lion Brewery, Coniston Road, Blackburn, Lancashire

Registered as Little Harwood Brewery Co. Ltd. in 1875 to acquire Beardsworth and Whalley.

James Beardsworth died 17th March 1891 one of his executors was Alfred Nuttall authorised to carry on the business in which he had been engaged with Henry Stanley Whalley for 10 years. Whalley became sole proprietor but died later that year, insolvent.

Acquired by Nuttall & Co. in 1892. Registered June 1897 as Nuttall & Co. Ltd, the name changed as above in 1906.

Acquired by Matthew Brown & Co. Ltd in 1927 with 172 tied houses. Matthew Brown then moved their brewing operations to the Lion Brewery and closed their Preston brewery.

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