Mystery Breweries for identification

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Do You recognise any of the breweries below?

As you know the team of Trevor Unwin, Steve Peck, Mike Brown and myself have been loading the BHS Photographic Archive onto the BreweryPedia web site.

During the process a number of photos have come to light with no indication of who they are and where they might be.

Do you know where these building are, or used to be? Anything familiar?

I’d appreciate any help you can give.

If you can identify these unknown breweries please send click on the image or images and send me their reference number/titles. To:-

New Additions 15th September 2020

And for those of you keen on Mash Tuns, does anyone know where these might be/might have been located?

This section is a little bit more challenging as it is shots of the insides of breweries which we cannot identify.

New Additions 18th September 2020

Please note that I have assumed that all of the following are of the same brewery due to the nature of the colouring and the similaity of the location - I could be wrong - current suggestion is they are all of Mew Langton on the Isle of Wight