Mowbray & Co. Ltd

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The brewery in 1999

Mowbray & Co. Ltd, Grantham Brewery, 58 London Road (offices) & Commercial Road (brewery), Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Founded by 1838 when trading as Mowbray, Robertson & Burbidge’s Grantham Brewery. At Commercial Road by 1842.

Registered May 1888 to acquire Mowbray & Co and Burbidge & Hutchinson, wine and spirit merchants.

They acquired Dawber & Co of Lincoln in November 1905 with 52 tied houses.

Acquired by J W Green Ltd of Luton in March 1952 with 200 tied houses and the name was changed to Flowers Breweries (East Midlands) Ltd. in 1959. Brewing ceased in 1964.

Some buildings remain.

An assortment of views of the brewery