Mottram's Brewery Ltd

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Mottram's Brewery Ltd, St Stephen's Brewery, Brewery Street, Salford, Greater Manchester.

Registered August 1893.

Acquired by the Cornbrook Brewery Co. Ltd. 1897.

List of Mottram's Brewery pubs

From the Chester Courant, 1 March 1831, courtesy Peter Dyer:

A Flood of Porter. – On Wednesday morning a large porter vat, containing about 380 barrels of the best brown stout, burst on the premises of Messrs. Mottram, in Brewery-street, Salford (Manchester.) The liquid rushed out with such force as to carry before it a portion of a wall, under which it nearly buried a man and horse, which were at the outside. Another man, who was in the same room in which the vat stood, was carried out into the yard by the flood. The beer overflowed a pond, and was for a few minutes two feet deep in the cellar of a cottage. All sorts of vessels were in requisition for carrying off the precious liquid from the pond. Among other comers was a sow, which was seen in the course of the day staggering off in a state of disgusting inebriety. The loss from the accident, we regret to state, is estimated at from £700 to £1000. – Manchester and Salford Advertiser.