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Messrs. Morland & Co. Ltd., New Maltings, Abingdon, Berkshire. Brewers’ Journal 15th September 1905
From 1969
Morland 1980.jpg
Old Anchor, Abingdon "Morland's Entire"
Punter PH, Oxford

Morland & Co. Ltd, Eagle Brewery, Ock Street, Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

(Historically located in the county of Berkshire, it moved to Oxfordshire in 1974)

Founded in 1711 as maltsters at West Ilsley by Benjamin Morland. Eagle Brewery acquired 1861 and Abbey Brewery 1866. Brewing was concentrated at the Eagle Brewery.

Registered in October 1887. After the purchase of Ruddles Brewery Ltd in 1997, financial problems culminated in the purchase in 1999 by Greene King & Sons Ltd.

The brewery was closed and converted into housing, the brands being transferred to Bury St Edmunds.

Images of the brewery

This former brewery building was converted to a pub ‘The Brewery Tap’ by Morlands about 1994. Photos September 2011.