Moors & Robson's Breweries Ltd

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Messrs. H & C Moors, Maltings & Crown Brewery Offices, Hull. Brewers’ Journal 15th April 1880
Moors & Robsons.jpg
Photo: Richard Dodd

Moors' & Robson's Breweries Ltd, Crown Brewery, Francis Street, Hull, East Yorkshire.

Registered March 1888 as Hull United Breweries Ltd to acquire Henry & Charles Moor, Crown Brewery and Edward Robson, Waterworks Street, at a purchase price of £310,000. Name changed June 1888.

They acquired:

Acquired by Hewitt Brothers Ltd of Grimsby in 1960 with 138 tied houses and was closed.

Moors' & Robson's Breweries Ltd. also owned a malt kiln in Low Burgage, Winteringham, they employed a barley buyer in the area. The barley store was rebuilt in 1902. In 1920 they negotiated for the sale of the kilns and in 1925 they sold the material of the West End Kilns for £200. The demolished West End Kilns and four cottages were sold for £200 in 1930. In 1944 the Low Burgage kiln and house were sold to H. White, £450 for house and £350 for kiln.

An assortment of views of the brewery

An assortment of labels showing the products of the brewery