Long Arm Brewery

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Long Arm Brewing Co, Ealing Park Tavern, 222 South Ealing Road, London W5 4RL.

Established by Ed and Tom Martin of ETM Group.

Brewing commenced in March 2015 of a 6 barrel plant with Vladimir Schmitt as head brewer.

Closed 2017 but see below.

Brewing took place at this location as Lewis Furnell Brewhouse between 1728 and the Mid 1800’s.

Long Arm Pub & Brewery, 20-26 Worship Street, London EC2A 2DX

Ed & Tom Martin established a second brewery at their Long Arm pub in the City of London.

Here beers are brewed by Guillermo Alvarez Schulenburg, who had experience at Rebel Brewing and Electric Bear.

The beers are brewed and tanks are directly connected to taps in the pub.

This brewpub took over all Long Arm beers when the Ealing Park Tavern kit was suspended in 2017.

The Worship Street brewery, April 2018: