London - Tottenham High Road

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The local community pub, The Antwerp Arms in Church Street. As you can see, a welcome refreshment end to the walk.

Start at Seven Sisters Tube.

Walk North up the High Road to Pelham Street

Turn left into Pelham Street

Turn right into Portland Road

Facing you are the front gates of the Imperial Lager Brewery Ltd

Return to the High Road and head up to Bruce Grove Station. Second up the high road after the main junction turn left into nnnnn yard then follow this through the gate to the right. The building is the restore brewery of Wooldridge & Co. Ltd

Return to the High Road and head up the road until you reach Cedar Road. On the opposite side of the High Road is the Whitbread click. These are the remains of Gripper Brothers.

Retire to the Antwerp Arms and enjoy a pint of Redemption Ales, you've earned it!!!