List of Sharpe's Sileby Brewery Ltd. pubs

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Sharpe's Sileby Brewery Ltd

Properties purchased by Stretton’s Derby Brewery Ltd. from Sharpe’s Sileby Brewery Ltd. by conveyance dated 1st October 1921:

  1. Old Crown, Moat Street, Wigston Magna
  2. Old Plough Inn, Main Road, Birstall
  3. White Horse, Birstall
  4. Bulls Head, High Street, Syston
  5. Blue Lion, Thrussington
  6. Sileby Brewery & Maltings, High Street, Sileby
  7. Maltings, King Street, Sileby
  8. Cape of Good Hope, Carley Street, Leicester
  9. Full Moon, East Bond Street, Leicester
  10. White Swan, Swan Street, Sileby
  11. Duke of York, High Street, Sileby
  12. Prince of Wales, Leicester Road, Mountsorrel
  13. Bull & Mouth, Leicester Road, Mountsorrel
  14. Anchor Hotel, Loughborough Road, Mountsorrel
  15. Bishop Blaize, South Street, Barrow on Soar
  16. Blue Bell, Rothley
  17. Off-licence, Cropston Road, Anstey
  18. Horse & Trumpet, Barrow Road, Sileby
  19. Bakers Arms, 29 Bradgate Street, Leicester (off-licence)
  20. Jubilee Arms, Edward Road, Leicester (off-licence)
  21. Laurel Arms, Laurel Road, Leicester (off-licence)
  22. Off-licence, Anstey
  23. Off-licence, Main Street, Whetstone
  24. Off-licence, Main Road, Blaby
  25. Off-licence, Bush Lane End, Wigston Magna
  26. Off-licence, Upper Brunswick Street, Leicester
  27. Off-licence, Lead Street/ Benford Street, Leicester
  28. Off-licence, 98 Charnwood Street, Leicester
  29. Off-licence, Porter Street/ Waring Street, Leicester
  30. Off-licence, King’s Newton Street/ Earl Howe Street, Leicester
  31. Off-licence, Lower Brown Street, Leicester
  32. Off-licence, Catherine Street, Leicester
  33. Off-licence, Argyle Street, Leicester
  34. Off-licence, Brunswick Street, Leicester
  35. Off-licence, Holden Street, Leicester
  36. Off-licence, King Street, Sileby
  37. Off-licence, Catesby Street, Leicester