List of Newnham & Co pubs

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No 2. The Brown Bear, Leman Street (a pub which still exists)

Newnham & Company, Goodman's Fields, London. Tied Houses

The list below comprises those pub assigned by Thomas Jordan of Goodman's Fields, Middlesex to Thomas Newnham of Bedford, Middlesex in 1789. On 18th March 1795, the porter brewery of Thomas Newnham, Goodmans Fields, was acquired by Combe & Co. Ltd with 17 licensed houses.

  1. Newnham & Co Brewhouse, Goodman's Fields.
  2. Brown Bear, Leman St, London E1.
  3. Hampshire Hog, 78 & 79 Rosemary Lane, London.
  4. White Swan, Coleman St, London EC2.
  5. Weaver’Arms, Church Lane, Whitechapel.
  6. Kings Head, Gravel Lane, London E1.
  7. Windmill, Nicholas Lane, London EC4.
  8. Coopers Arms, Tower Hill, London EC3.
  9. George, Whitechapel Rd, London E1.
  10. Bengal, Mansel St, London E1.
  11. Ram, Cow Cross St, London EC1.
  12. White Swan, Bell Wharf, London EC4.
  13. White Horses, Spicer St, Mile End, London.
  14. Green Parrot, Green Arbour Court, Old Bailey, London EC4.
  15. Three Jolly Butchers, Warwick Lane, London EC4.
  16. Post Boy, Sherborn Lane, London EC4.
  17. Prince William Henry, Surrey Rd, London.
  18. Storehouses on Church Lane, Camberwell.
  19. Two Old Giants, Horsleydown, London SE1.
  20. Half Moon & Punch Bowl, Buckle St, London E1.
  21. White Horse, Portpool Lane, London EC1.
  22. Blue Anchor, Water Lane.
  23. Swan, Lower Shadwell, Stepney.
  24. Roebuck, Oxford St, London W1.
  25. Horseshoe & Magpie, Worcester St, Southwark.
  26. Rose & Crown, Mile End Green, Stepney.
  27. Thistle & Crown, New Gravel Lane, London E1.