List of Musgrave & Sagar Ltd. pubs

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Musgrave & Sagar houses in Leeds, 1903 (from the Leeds & Yorkshire Mercury)

List of Musgrave & Sagar Ltd pubs

  1. Malt Shovel and brewhouse, Cardigan Place / Kirkstall Road, Leeds (acquired Oct. 1890). See: Malt Shovel (Leeds)
  2. Spring Hill Tavern and brewhouse, Woodhouse, Leeds (Jan. 1892). See: Spring Hill Tavern (Leeds)
  3. Yorkshire Hussars, York Street, Leeds (Feb. 1892)
  4. Old George and brewhouse, Meadow Lane, Leeds (April 1893, sold in June 1915 to McQuat Ltd, Leeds). See: Old George (Leeds)
  5. Old Fox and brewhouse, New Park Street, Leeds (April 1892)
  6. Hazlewood Inn, Beeston Road / Kirkland Street, Hunslet, Leeds (Jan 1897)
  7. Off-licence, Nippet Lane, Leeds (Jan. 1897)
  8. Off-licence, 368 Town Street, Bramley, Leeds (Jan. 1897)
  9. Fleece Inn and brewhouse, Reuben Street / Primrose Street, Leeds (May 1897, sold in May 1926 to Hemingway Ltd, Leeds). See: Fleece Inn (Reuben Street, Leeds)
  10. Kings Arms and brewhouse, Leek Street, Hunslet, Leeds (Sept. 1897). See: Kings Arms (Hunslet)
  11. Nags Head and brewhouse, Vicar Lane, Leeds (March 1898). See: Nags Head (Vicar Lane, Leeds)
  12. Town Hall Hotel, Westgate, Leeds (Jan. 1897) (As 'Town Hall Tavern', sold to Timothy Taylor in 2006)
  13. Bell Mount Inn and brewhouse, David Street, Holbeck, Leeds
  14. Wool Packs Inn, Wheeler Street / Brighton Street, Bramley (June 1923, sold in April 1925 to Leeds & Wakefield Breweries Ltd.)
  15. Old Unicorn, Lower Town Street, Bramley (June 1923) (Sold to Timothy Taylor in 2006)