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# Boot Inn, Wallasey Rd., Liscard.  
# Boot Inn, Wallasey Rd., Liscard.  
# Nags Head, Rake Lane, Liscard.  
# Nags Head, Rake Lane, Liscard.  
# Wellington Hotel, Wallasey Rd., Liscard.
# Wellington Hotel, Seaview Road / Wallasey Road, Liscard. See: [[Wellington Hotel, Liscard]]
# Little Brighton Inn, Rowson St., Little Brighton.  
# Little Brighton Inn, Rowson St., Little Brighton.  
# Telegraph Inn, Mount Pleasant Rd., Little Brighton.  
# Telegraph Inn, Mount Pleasant Rd., Little Brighton.  

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Birkenhead Brewery Co. Ltd


  1. Alexandra Hotel, Victoria Rd., Tranmere, Birkenhead.
  2. Arab Arms, Watson St., Birkenhead.
  3. Avenue, Bidston Rd., Birkenhead. Opened in the late 1950's.
  4. Boars Head, Market St. / Eldon St., Birkenhead.
  5. Bank of Ireland, Beckwith St., Birkenhead.
  6. Caledonia Inn, Caledonia St., Birkenhead.
  7. Chester Hotel, Bentinck St., Birkenhead.
  8. Comet Inn, Laird St., Birkenhead.
  9. Commercial Inn, Grange Rd., Birkenhead.
  10. County Arms, Abbey St. / Knox St., Birkenhead.
  11. Dolphin Hotel, Cathcart St., Birkenhead.
  12. Feathers Inn, Chester St., Birkenhead.
  13. Free Library, Hinson St., Birkenhead.
  14. Grand Trunk Hotel, 55 Duke Street, Birkenhead. See: Grand Trunk Hotel, Birkenhead
  15. Grange Hotel, Grange Rd., Birkenhead.
  16. Halfway House, Woodchurch Rd., Birkenhead.
  17. Lord Raglan Hotel, 228 New Chester Road, Tranmere, Birkenhead. See: Lord Raglan Hotel, Tranmere
  18. Mersey Inn, Lower Tranmere, Birkenhead.
  19. Music Hall Hotel, Claughton Rd., Birkenhead.
  20. Meadows Hotel, Conway St., Birkenhead.
  21. New Inn, Adelphi St., Birkenhead.
  22. Observatory Hotel, Oxton Rd., Birkenhead.
  23. Prenton Hotel, Borough Rd., Birkenhead.
  24. Pier Hotel, Hamilton Street, Birkenhead. See: Pier Hotel, Birkenhead
  25. Queens Arms, Storeton Rd., Birkenhead.
  26. Royal Duke Hotel, Duke St. / Corporation Rd., Birkenhead.
  27. Shakespeare Hotel, Chester St., Birkenhead.
  28. Tranmere Park Hotel, Church Rd., Tranmere, Birkenhead.
  29. Waterloo Hotel, Grange Rd., Birkenhead.
  30. Wellington, Grange Rd. / Hamilton St., Birkenhead.
  31. Westminster Hotel, Price St., Birkenhead.
  32. Bakers Arms, Birkenhead.
  33. Beresford Hotel, Birkenhead.
  34. Canada Hotel, Birkenhead.
  35. Devonshire Park Hotel, Birkenhead.
  36. Garrick Snug, Birkenhead.
  37. Off-licence, Woodchurch Rd., Birkenhead.


  1. Brown Cow, Bromborough Rd., Bebington.
  2. Railway Inn, Bebington Rd., Lower Bebington.
  3. Rose & Crown, The Village, Lower Bebington.
  4. Travellers Rest, Mount Rd., Higher Bebington.
  5. Wellington, The Valley, Bebington.
  6. Great Eastern, New Ferry Rd., Lower Bebington.
  7. Brown Cow, Bromborough Rd., Lower Bebington.
  8. Dog & Gun, Village Rd., Lower Bebington.
  9. Plough Inn, Bebington Rd., Lower Bebington.
  10. Wynnstay Arms, New Chester Rd., Bebington.
  11. Red Cat, Brimstage Village, Bebington.
  12. Eclipse Vaults, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead.
  13. Gladstone Arms, Bromborough Rd., Bebington.
  14. Kings Arms, Liscard Rd., Egremont.
  15. Royal Oak Inn, Bromborough, Birkenhead.
  16. Claughton Hotel, Upton Rd., Claughton.
  17. Chester Arms Hotel, Claughton nr. Birkenhead.
  18. Royal Oak, Higher Bebington nr. Birkenhead.
  19. Hooton Arms, Eastham Village Rd., Eastham.
  20. Farmers Arms, Hillbank Rd., Frankby.
  21. Black Horse Hotel, Grange nr. Birkenhead.
  22. New Inn, Greasby nr. Birkenhead.
  23. Dee View, Dee View Rd., Heswall.
  24. Fox & Hounds, Barnston Rd., Heswall.
  25. Heswall Off beerhouse & Shop, Heswall.
  26. No Sign, Heswall Rocks, Heswall.
  27. Anchor Inn, Hoylake.
  28. Lighthouse Inn, Hoylake.
  29. Plasterers Arms, Back Sea View, Hoylake.
  30. Railway Inn, Meols nr. Hoylake.
  31. Ship Inn, Market St., Hoylake.
  32. Green Lodge Hotel, Stanley Rd., Hoylake.
  33. Lighthouse Hotel, Market St., Hoylake.
  34. Plasterers Arms, Newtown, Hoylake.
  35. Boot Inn, Wallasey Rd., Liscard.
  36. Nags Head, Rake Lane, Liscard.
  37. Wellington Hotel, Seaview Road / Wallasey Road, Liscard. See: Wellington Hotel, Liscard
  38. Little Brighton Inn, Rowson St., Little Brighton.
  39. Telegraph Inn, Mount Pleasant Rd., Little Brighton.
  40. Coach & Horses, Moreton nr. Birkenhead.
  41. Railway Hotel, Victoria Rd., New Brighton.
  42. Clarence, Albion St., New Brighton.
  43. Royal Ferry Hotel, Victoria Rd., New Brighton.
  44. Wynnstay Arms, New Chester Rd., New Ferry.
  45. Great Eastern, New Ferry Rd., New Ferry.
  46. Rock Station, Highfield Rd., Rock Ferry.
  47. Royal Standard, New Chester Rd., Rock Ferry.
  48. Refreshment Rooms, Rock Ferry.
  49. Marine Hotel, Seacombe, Birkenhead.
  50. Great Float Hotel, Wheatland Lane, Seacombe.
  51. Bird in Hand, Oakdale Rd., Seacombe.
  52. Lighthouse Inn, Wallasey Village.
  53. Royal Oak, Wallasey Village.
  54. Mill Inn, Hillhouses, West Kirkby.
  55. Ring o' Bells, Village Rd., West Kirby.
  56. White Lion, Grange Hill, West Kirby.
  57. Horse & Jockey, Woodchurch nr. Birkenhead.


  1. Bears Paw, Foregate Street, Chester.
  2. Old Cottage, 34-36 Brook Street, Chester. See: Old Cottage, Chester
  3. Druids Arms, Seller Street, Chester.
  4. George & Dragon, Liverpool Road, Chester.
  5. Grosvenor Park Hotel, City Road, Chester.
  6. Ormonde Arms, Brook Street, Chester.
  7. Prince Alfred Vaults, Egerton Street, Chester.
  8. Painters Arms, St Martins Fields, Chester.
  9. Royal George, George Street, Chester.
  10. Ship Victory, George Street, Chester.
  11. Chester Office, Frodsham Street, Chester.
  12. Tarvin Bridge Inn, Tarvin Road, Chester.
  13. Dee Vaults, Lower Bridge Street, Chester. Owned in 1903.
  14. Talbot Inn, Walter Street, Chester. Owned in 1903.


  1. Eagle & Crown, Ford Road, Upton nr. Chester.
  2. Harp Inn, Boughton, Chester.
  3. Wheatsheaf, Heath Road, Upton by Chester.
  4. Brewers Arms, Park Street, Neston.
  5. Glegg Arms, Gayton nr. Neston.
  6. Harp Inn, Quayside, Little Neston Street.
  7. White Horse Inn, High Street, Neston.
  8. Wheatsheaf, Neston Road, Ness.
  9. Coach & Horses, Bridge Street, Neston. Owned in 1904.
  10. Nags Head, High Street, Neston. Owned in 1905.
  11. Plough Inn, Park Street, Neston. Owned in 1893.
  12. Durham Ox, Little Neston. Referred for compensation in 1907.
  13. Chester Hotel, Parkgate nr. Chester.
  14. Royal Oak, Town Lane, Little Neston.
  15. Seven Stars, Church Road, Thornton nr. Neston.
  16. Nags Head, Hooton Road, Willaston.
  17. Phoenix, Phoenix Street, Sandycroft.
  18. Station Hotel, Station Road, Ellesmere Port. See: Station Hotel, Ellesmere Port
  19. Wheatsheaf, Parkgate Road, Mollington.
  20. White Lion, New Road, Childer Thornton.
  21. Railway Inn, Dunham nr. Chester.
  22. Letters Inn, High Street, Tattenhall nr. Chester.
  23. Wheelwrights Arms, Elton nr. Chester.
  24. White Horse Inn, Barrow nr. Chester.
  25. Commercial Inn, Crewe Road, Wheelock.
  26. Crown Hotel, High Street, Tarporley.
  27. Fox Inn, Crewe Road, Haslington.
  28. George & Dragon, High Street, Tarvin.
  29. Lord Combermere, The Square, Audlem.
  30. Prince of Wales, Ramsbottom Street, Crewe.
  31. Railway Inn, Little Sutton nr. Chester.
  32. Royal Oak, Market Place, Winsford.
  33. Victoria Inn, Victoria Street, Crewe.
  34. Red Lion, Hooton Road, Willaston.
  35. Clarence Inn, Crewe. Owned in 1894.
  36. Royal Oak, Market Place, Wharton. Owned in 1891.
  37. New Inn, Canal Wharf, Sandbach.
  38. Sportsmans Arms, Birkenhead Road, Barnton.
  39. Old Harp, Ness Colliery, Neston.
  40. Bull & Dog, Colliery Lane, Neston.
  41. Great Float, Havelock Street, Poulton.
  42. Phoenix Inn, Sandycroft nr. Chester. Owned in 1903.
  43. Old Quay, The Parade, Parkgate.
  44. Bears Paw, Dicksons Drive, Newton by Chester.

Other locations

  1. Newsham Park, West Derby Rd., Liverpool.
  2. Apollo Vaults, Hall Lane, Liverpool.
  3. Clock Vaults, Great Homer St., Liverpool.
  4. Mona Vaults, Myrtle St., Liverpool.
  5. Marco Polo, Regent St., Liverpool.
  6. Neptune Inn, Liverpool.
  7. Nags Head, Chester Rd., Lavister.
  8. Seven Stars, Chester St., Wrexham.
  9. Swan Inn, Golftyn nr. Hawarden.
  10. Three Pigeons, Coleshill St., Flint.
  11. Derby Arms, Derby Rd., Caergwrle.
  12. Castle Inn, Caergwrle nr. Wrexham.
  13. Nag's Head, Allington nr. Wrexham. Owned in 1900.
  14. Castle Inn, Mold Rd., Caergwrle.