Leicester Brewery (Syston)

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Leicester Brewery, 6 Half Croft, High Street, Syston, Leicestershire.

Tony Wheeler, aged 43 and a former wine merchant, and Clive Lawton aged 26, previously a brewer at Mansfield Brewery Co. Ltd, founded the Leicester Brewery in May 1983 to brew keg beer for clubs. This was an investment of £125,000, which aimed to provide beer for clubs within an eight mile radius of the brewery. The aim was to produce 100 barrels per week at prices some 20% lower than the competition. This would result in a price of around 50p for the lager and 45p for the bitter.

They supplied their bright filtered beer to some 15 clubs and at their peak produced some 30 barrels per week. This consisted of two products:-

  • Old John Bitter 1035°
  • Sport Lager 1035°

However, competition was too intense and the business closed in 1985.