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Leake Brothers Ltd, Castle Brewery, Green Corner, Main Street, Mountsorrel, Leicestershire.

Although there were no brewers listed in 1835 in the town, Joseph Priestley was shown as a maltster, whilst Elizabeth Priestley kept the Hammer & Pincer, which was still trading in the 1970s.

In 1870 Charles Francis Leake, established 1842, was listed as a wholesale and retail grocer and an agent for Burton ales. In 1884 he was still only a grocer. He died in 1892 and, on 27th September 1893, Leake Bros were trading as wine and spirit merchants. The following year, Leake Bros (Charles Rowley and William) were described as corn dealers, ale etc. agents. They were also agents for the Royal Insurance Company.

The first mention of brewing seems to be in 1898, when Leake Bros were listed as brewers. In May 1899, Leake Bros Ltd was registered to acquire the business of Charles Rowley Leake and William Leake (F3420).

A 1900 advertisement shows the location as Green Corner, as well as brewers they were also mineral water manufacturers, corn factors and grocers. However, they would appear not to have owned any tied houses. Around the 1904, they were also running the Vine Wine Company at Wanlip Road, Syston. However, they were in voluntary liquidation on 18th July 1907.

In 1908 Ralph John Holland was at the Castle Brewery, but this was only with a wine and spirit business, despite an entry as a brewer in a directory for 1911. He was there until 3rd June 1914, when George Ward took over the licence, which lapsed completely the following year.

The brewery, which was next to the mill, was demolished in 1959, for a boat yard.