Kingsbury (St.Albans) Brewery Co. Ltd

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Kingsbury (St.Albans) Brewery Co. Ltd, 181 Verulam Road, St.Albans, Hertfordshire.

Possibly founded by 1722. Registered December 1894 to acquire the business of William Bingham Cox, who had bought it in 1889, with 52 public houses, and also to acquire from T.O.Pugh, the Peckham Road Brewery, Camberwell, London with 13 tied houses and the Camberwell Distillery, Addington Square. T.O.Pugh was made managing director.

Acquired by Benskins Ltd. November 1897 with 34 public houses.

Some buildings remain.

List of Kingsbury (St. Albans) Brewery Co Ltd pubs