Ketton & King's Cliffe Brewery Co. Ltd

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Ketton & King's Cliffe Brewery Co. Ltd, Ketton Brewery, Ketton, Rutland.

Whincup & Son were trading as Ketton Steam Brewery by 1866. Then the partnership of Francis and Thomas Thompson Whincup was dissolved by 1876.

Thomas W.Whincup bankrupt in 1882 and brewery for sale.

Sealy & Wilde by 1895. Registered as Ketton Brewery Co. in 1898 before merging with King's Cliffe Brewery, Northants in 1898. Sold by mortgagee in 1899.

Ketton & King's Cliffe Brewery Co. Ltd, West Street, King's Cliffe, Northamptonshire.

Registered March 1898 and was dissolved 26th October 1900.

By 1903 was in the hands of G.K.Papillon and Charles Campbell McLeod.

Was known as the Malt & Hops Brewery.

Owned by McLeod alone from before 1910 until 1919, also owned Bourne Brewery.