Joule & Sons Ltd

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Their entry in the Trade Mark Directory
A letterhead from 1940
Joules Ads aa.jpg
Joules Ads bb.jpg
An advert from 1907
From a pub in Wrexham
From a pub in Wrexham

John Joule & Sons Ltd, High Street, Stone, Staffordshire.

Founded 1780.

Acquired by Harding & Parrington Ltd of Liverpool 1873. Registered December 1898.

Acquired by Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton Ltd, as Bass Charrington, in 1968 with 214 tied houses.

Brewing ceased September 1972.

Brewery mainly demolished but bottling stores still standing.

A selection of images of the brewery

The brewery in 2006. Courtesy Tony Beattie.

The brewery in 2007. Courtesy Steve Peck.

The brewery in 2013. Courtesy Ken Smith.

The brewery clock now relocated into the town centre. Courtesy Steve Peck 2016.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 21,460/4
Description : A Greek cross
Date of Application : 7/11/1879
Used Prior to 1870? : 17 years

Registration No : 74,764
Description : Words "Stone Ale"
Date of Application : 7/4/1888
Used Prior to 1870? : 27 years