Joseph & Henry Sagar Hirst

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Joseph & Henry Sagar Hirst, Low House Brewery, Clayton Heights, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Henry Sagar Hirst joined his brother, Joseph, in the brewery business during 1851.

Dissolved in 1880.

Offered for private sale 1891 with 39 houses by the trustees of the late Joseph Hirst.

Merged with Henry Bentley & Co. Ltd. 1892. However, in 1894 Squire Tordoff listed at Springfield, Clayton Heights.

A much altered building still stands.

List of Joseph & Henry Sagar Hirst pubs

Malcolm Toft writes:-

A Mr John Hirst traded as a maltster in 1837. In the same year he acted as an executor for James Duckit of Bradford, wine and spirit merchant, and common brewer of Burnley. Joseph Hirst began brewing before 1851. In that year his brother Henry Sagar Hirst. The family had lived at the Low House since 1618 having moved there from Batley and they were pioneers of the worsted trade in Clayton. The house originally called Brightwaters was rebuilt in 1868. A larger brewery may have been erected at the same time. Six men were employed by the concern in 1851, ten years later the total had risen to fourteen men plus one boy, and at the following census twenty-four carried out operations.

Joseph Hirst died in September 1890 aged sixty-five, his brother Henry Sagar had put in a great number of years service in the Volunteer movement attaining a final position of Colonel. It seems that after his brother’s death, H.S.Hirst appears to have lost the will to carry on the business. Early in 1891 the brewery and the rest of their property was valued, at the time it was thought with a view to forming a limited company. The following year, in October 1892, when Henry Bentley & Yorkshire Breweries Limited came into existence Hirsts c30 tied houses formed part of new concern.