John Simkin Plowright (Hallaton)

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The Plowright's bakery and beerhouse is on the left

John Simkin Plowright, Market Place / Eastgate, Hallaton, Leicestershire

In 1846, William Jones was listed as a baker and beerhouse keeper; however, he was not listed in 1863 when a John Plowright was shown as a baker. In 1877, John Simkin Plowright was listed as a baker and brewer in the village, and seven years later he was also a brickmaker. In 1898, he was still listed, but by 1900 he was shown only as a farmer, whilst Walter Plowright was shown as a baker and beer retailer.

None of the directories gives a location, nor pub name for the Plowrights, but a local history guide suggests that the Angel pub is now Old Stone Cottage, with its brewhouse now a garden on the corner of Hog Lane, next to the Post Office.

It is possible that this was the location used by the Plowrights, but the name of the Angel was not listed in any of the directories, although it was trading in the mid nineteenth century.