Huncote Brewery

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Huncote Brewery, Workhouse Yard, Brook Street, Huncote, Leicestershire

Established before 1846, when Thomas Agar was shown as a brewer and maltster and he was followed by James Agar by 1849 and 1851; in 1863, a 10-quarter brewery and malt kiln was offered for sale and the brewery was bought by Rowland and John Needham of Uppingham and they also held a licence to sell beer; in 1871, employed 2 men; John Needham died in 1885 and was succeeded by John Canning as brewer, and between 1891 and ca.1894, Benjamin Atkins of Narborough was brewing until ca.1895, when Edward Lewis Durham was listed as a brewers' agent and beer retailer, brewing having apparently ceased. The brewery buildings were demolished in the 1920s and the site became used as a parking space for the village bus carrier. (Information courtesy Keith Osborne)