Holt, Plant & Deakin

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The Langley brewery
The Wolverhampton brewery
The Wolverhampton brewery

Holt, Plant & Deakin, 91 Station Road, Langley, Oldbury, West Midlands.

Brewing of HP&D "Entire" commenced in 1984 at the former Bridge Inn, utilising a 15-barrel Ringwood plant. At this time the pub was renamed "Holt's Brewery Inn".

Holt, Plant & Deakin, 480 Dudley Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

The company opened its second brewery in Wolverhampton on 1 November 1989. A 40-barrel plant was installed, mainly brewing 'Entire'. The adjacent 'Ship & Railway' pub was renamed the 'Brewery Tap'.

The company was established as a local brewery chain in 1984 by Allied Breweries, utilising old brewery names, and emphasising local traditional values. Before its own brewery was established, Holt's Bitter and Dark Mild (both 1036.5 OG) were brewed by the Tetley-Walker brewery in Warrington. Lager was obtained from the Wrexham Brewery.

An estate of over 50 pubs was built up, mostly conversions of other Allied pubs. Brewing as Holt, Plant & Deakin ceased at both plants in 1996, and both breweries were converted to the 'Firkin' format (the Wolverhampton one continuing to brew for a while).

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