Holden's Brewery Ltd

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Edwin Holden
The brewery in 1991
Holdens bry Woodsetton lable xc.jpg

Holden's Brewery Ltd, Hopden Brewery, George Street, Woodsetton, West Midlands.

In 1875 William Davis at the Park Inn with brewhouse. It was an Atkinsons Brewery Ltd pub, but in August 1915 Edwin and Lucy Holden bought the freehold from Atkinsons Brewery Ltd for £750.00. Edwin, after being at a variety of pubs moved here in 1920, but died soon afterwards.

In 1939 Holdens bought the Atkinson Malthouse at the rear and installed new plant.

Registered 1964. Still brewing with an expanding pub estate.

An assortment of views of the brewery

From the Paul Gunnell archive