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Hemingway Leeds label.jpg

J W Hemingway Ltd, York Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Founded 1866. Registered September 1949. Acquired by Tetley Walker Ltd. 1967 with 5 tied houses.

Labels showing the range of products from the brewery

From the Brewery History Society Newsletter Number 41

Founded 1866, being operated in 1877 by John Hemingway at 22 Regent Street. 1884 JW Hemingway, 1898 Albert Hemingway at 120 Beckett Street. William Hemingway managed the York Road brewery until 1923 when John William Hemingway took over. After the latter’s death in 1946 trustees ran the business until it was registered as a ltd co in 1949. Acquired by Tetleys in 1967 with 5 tied houses.