Hartleys (Ulverston) Ltd

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The brewery in 1980.
A dray from 1907

Hartleys (Ulverston) Ltd, Old Brewery, Brewery Street, Ulverston, Cumbria.

Brewing commenced here in about 1755. Robert and Peter Hartley of Blackburn acquired the business in 1896.

Private company registered October 1918. Acquired by Frederick Robinsons Ltd of Stockport in 1982 with 54 tied houses. The final brew was on 8 November 1991.

An assortment of views of the brewery.

Views of the brewery taken in 2007. Courtesy Tony Beattie

CumbriaUlverstonHartleys Brewery 2 TB 22Feb2007.jpg

The Plaque reads: "The Old Brewery. Brewing commenced here in 1755. On the 17th July 1896 the Old Brewery was conveyed from the Trustees of John Booth to Robert and Peter Hartley and on the 29th December 1919 Hartleys (Ulverston) Limited was incorporated. On the 16th July 1982 the company was acquired by Frederic Robinson Limited, Unicorn Brewery, Stockport. Brewing ceased on the 8th November 1991. A total of 236 years of traditional beer brewing is thus commemorated by this plaque."

An assortment of labels illustrating the products of the brewery