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<big>'''H Michell''', ''West Street Brewery, Horsham, West Sussex''</big>
[[File:Michell West St Horsham.jpg|thumb]]
<big>'''H Michell, '''''West Street Brewery, Horsham, West Sussex''</big>
Founded in January 1835.  
Founded in January 1835.  

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Michell West St Horsham.jpg

H Michell, West Street Brewery, Horsham, West Sussex

Founded in January 1835.

Acquired by the Rock Brewery (Brighton) Ltd in 1912 with 25 tied houses and was closed.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 25,967
Description : Escallop shell within circular band & motto "Hairarn Dwr"
Date of Application : 5/4/1881
Used Prior to 1870? : NO