Greenall Whitley (St Helens)

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Messrs. Greenall, Whitley & Co. Ltd. Brewery, St Helens, Lancs. Brewers’ Journal 15th August 1902
The St Helens brewery in the 1930s
The St Helens brewery in the 1930s
St Helens Letterhead 1951

Greenall Whitley & Co. Ltd, Hall Street, St Helens, Merseyside

See: Greenall Whitley & Co. Ltd

Greenall Whitley's first brewery was founded in St Helens in 1762. The Warrington brewery was established in 1787. See Greenall Whitley (Wilderspool). The St Helens brewery closed in April 1975 and the site has been redeveloped as a shopping centre.

Various views of the brewery:

The brewery's logo is visible on the pediment of the Marks & Spencer building on Church Street, St Helens:


Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 99,242
Description  : Goddess
Date of Application  : 16/7/1890
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO

Registration No  : 437,777
Description  : Rum Label
Date of Application  : 04/06/1923
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO