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File:Gales Horndean set a (2).jpg
File:Gales Horndean set a (2).jpg
File:Gales Horndean set a (1).jpg
File:Gales Horndean set a (1).jpg

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Horndean Gales.jpg
Gales old view.jpg
Gales Hordean old view 2.jpg
Gales Horndean set a (5).jpg

George Gale & Co. Ltd, Portsmouth Road, Horndean, Hampshire.

Founded 1847 when Richard Gale acquired the Ship & Bell home brew house. Registered in April 1888 with 80 public houses.

Acquired by Fuller, Smith & Turner Ltd in 2005 with 111 houses and closed. Fate of the buildings is uncertain.

Various images of Gale's Brewery

Images of the brewery in the 1970s, courtesy Mike Tighe

The brewery in 2002

The brewery in 2002; courtesy Jeff Sechiari

The brewery in 2006

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 64,309

Description  : Label design
Date of Application  : 26/4/1887

Used Prior to 1870?  : NO