Frome & Lamb Ltd

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Frome Utd (2).jpg
The brewery in the 1950s

Frome & Lamb Ltd, Badcox Brewery, Vallis Way, Frome, Somerset

Registered in March 1889 as Frome United Breweries Co. Ltd to amalgamate:

  • Edmund Baily, Bath Arms Brewery, Palmer Street;
  • Jonathan Drew Knight, Castle Brewery;
  • Catherine Hill and Edward R.Trotman, Badcox Brewery.

Brewing was concentrated at the Badcox Brewery.

In 1955 they merged with Lamb Brewery Ltd of Frome, and the name was changed to Frome & Lamb Ltd.

Acquired jointly by the Stroud Brewery Co. Ltd and Usher's Wiltshire Brewery Ltd in 1957 with 300 public houses and was closed.

The Badcox Brewery has been demolished.