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[[file:FREE, RODWELL, MISTLEY, ESSEX.JPG|thumb|From The Brewers' Journal, 15 October 1888]]
[[File:Free Rodwell.jpg|thumb|From The Brewers' Journal, 15 January 1897]]
[[File:Mistley Quay.jpg|thumb|The quayside]]
[[File:Mistley Quay.jpg|thumb|The quayside]]
[[File:Free Rodwell.jpg|thumb]]
<big>'''Free Rodwell & Co (Maltsters)''', ''Mistley, Essex''</big>
<big>'''Free Rodwell & Co (Maltsters)''', ''Mistley, Essex''</big>

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From The Brewers' Journal, 15 October 1888
From The Brewers' Journal, 15 January 1897
The quayside

Free Rodwell & Co (Maltsters), Mistley, Essex

In 1893, Robert Free, Robert E Free, William Hunter Rodwell and E N Heneage merged their malting interests to form Free Rodwell & Co.

Seven malthouses were constructed at Mistley between 1893 and 1904.

To Ind Coope Ltd in 1957.

The maltings were later sold to Simpsons of Alnwick; and are now part of the Crisp Malting Group.