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File:Holt Birmingham 1997.jpg|1997
File:Holt Birmingham 1997.jpg|1997. Both the Holt Brewery and Firkin signs have been removed.
File:BirminghamGostaGreen_WRB_Aug06.jpg|WRB, 2006
File:BirminghamGostaGreen_WRB_Aug06.jpg|WRB, 2006.

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Faculty Birmingham brewhouse.jpg

Faculty & Firkin, Holt Street, Gosta Green, Birmingham, West Midlands B7 4BG

Brewing commenced 1997 but ceased 1999. Currently still a non-brewing pub named 'Gosta Green'.

Formerly the brewery offices, built and dated 1906. At fascia level on the corner, a Holt squirrel in terracotta. On the south elevation, partly obscured by a modern pub sign and several inserted windows, is a faded painted sign: 'HOLT BREWERY CO LTD ... BREWERS OF (obscured) MALT ALES & STOUTS'.

Holt Street is named after the brewery.