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Messrs. Ellis, Warde, Webster & Co. Ltd. New (Bath Springs) Brewery, Ormskirk, Lancs. Brewers' Journal 15th July 1902
Ellis Warde Dinner Ale.jpg

Ellis, Warde & Co. Ltd, Bath Spring Brewery, Derby Street, Ormskirk, Lancashire

The firm was registered 18th October 1897 from the partnership of Ellis, Warde and Webster, initially at the Snig’s Foot site (see Knowles).

In 1900, Ellis, Warde & Co bought the brewery and houses from the execs of the late J B Forshaw (est 1871) from his exors and moved here. See Forshaw's Brewery Co. Ltd.

In 1902 William Bradford built the new 30qtr Bath Springs Brewery for Ellis Warde on the site.

Registered 1919, but the former MD Charles Frederick Ellis died in 1928 and acquired by Walker Cain Ltd in 1929, with 102 houses.

New plant installed and brewed until September 1955.

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