Edward Benskin (Rearsby)

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Edward Stanton Benskin, Olde House, 8 Mill Road, Rearsby, Leicestershire

Mill Road was formerly known as Back Street.

A local history book suggests that around 1800, Thomas Dawson was a brewer/innkeeper in the village, whilst the Benskins were maltsters. In 1846, William Benskin was a maltster and miller in addition to running an un-named beerhouse. John Benskin was shown as running the King William IV. Around this time, Royle Woolerton was a stone mason in the village.

However, the Benskins involvement with brewing, then seems to be replaced by the Woolertons. In 1870, S Woolerton was listed as a grocer and the following year J Woolerton was shown as a brewer. In 1876 W Woolerton was the brewer, then the following year Spreckley Woolerton was a brewer, grocer and mason. He was shown as a large brewer and farmer in 1877, with Mrs Alice Benskin shown as a maltster.

In 1884 John Benskin was listed as a farmer and maltster and from 1891 Edward Benskin was shown as a brewer and maltster (F4235) to around 1921.

The brewing took place in the outbuildings at the rear of the Old House.

The Old House in 2020 (photos SP):