Edward Allen (Loughborough)

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Edward Thomas Allen, Wellington Brewery, Wellington Street, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

The first mention of brewing was in 1835, when John Mitchell was listed as a brewer in Wellington Street, until around 1840. Allen was listed as a brewer in 1876 and the following year, he was listed as at the Wellington Brewery, with offices at 53 Church Gate. Allen’s home was in Park Street. However, there is some confusion, since entries in the Brewers’ Journal for 1881 and 1884 mention Edwin Allen as a brewer’s foreman, Burton Street or Burton on Trent, now Loughborough. The brewery was located near to the White Swan, which had previously been a brew-pub, and it is possible that the two had initially been connected.

Nevertheless, he was identified as a brewer living in Burton Street in an 1884 directory (F3092).

The Journal entries suggest that he was in financial difficulties, which perhaps led to the sale of the brewery.

Certainly, in 1894 an Henry Allen was the brewery foreman at the Oldershaw Brewery, who seem to have taken over the site.