Eastgate Brewery, Chichester

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The Eastgate Brewery Inn when run by George Phillips (Illustration courtesy of Novium Museum, Chichester)

Eastgate Brewery, 4 The Hornet, Chichester, West Sussex

The Eastgate pub is a grade II listed 18th century building. By 1802 it was occupied by Stephen Wooldridge who had a brewhouse on the site by 1811. By 1861 it had been sold to brewer and wine & spirit merchant John Goldring. It was later run by George Phillips as a grocery and wine shop, but we are not sure he continued brewing, as brewing had ceased by about 1879, when it is thought Gales of Horndean leased the pub.

Gales purchased the pub outright in 1929, and from them it went to Fullers.

(Information from David Muggleton and Mike Brown)