Dog & Gun (Syston)

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Dog & Gun, Chapel Street, Syston, Leicestershire

Ernest Ealing Riley was recorded as a brewer here in 1930.

Later owned by the Leicester Brewing & Malting Co. Ltd.

Mike Brown writes:-

In 1870 George Baker was a beer retailer, whilst Thomas Baker was a coal merchant, with various other side-lines. Then in 1883 Thomas Baker was the brewer at the beerhouse to 31st January 1903. He was followed as the brewer by his son Robert Carr Baker, who had been running the Gate Hangs Well.

Ernest Eliu Riley (F5002) was listed as brewing for the period of 1906-1930. In 1913 he was advertising his “home brewed ales”, but the following year Mrs Sarah Ann Riley was listed as the brewer, suggesting her husband may have been away on war service. From 1914 Ernest Ealing Riley, presumably their son, was actually the brewer until around 1930.

The Dog and Gun is still in business, with beers under the Ansells badge.