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Extra Stout
K Bitter Ale
Coeur De Lion, Bath

Devenish & Co. Ltd, Hope Square, Weymouth, Dorset

Devenish & Co. Ltd, Chapel Street, Redruth, Cornwall

It is thought that brewing has taken place on this site since the 13th century. The current enterprise was founded in 1742 by the Fowler and Flew families, and acquired by William Devenish in 1824. Registered in 1889 as J A Devenish & Co Ltd and name was changed as above 1965.

330 tied houses. Brewing ceased at Weymouth in November 1985 and was concentrated at Redruth as the Redruth Brewery (1742) Ltd. Brewing ceased at Redruth in 1991. The tied house estate was acquired by Greenall Whitley & Co. Ltd in 1993.

Courtesy Paul Hathaway:

Weymouth Harbour with Groves and Devenish.JPG

Weymouth Harbour, taken from a ship on the east side of the Harbour looking towards towards Hope Square and the Devenish and Groves Breweries.

Hope Square is to the rear of the buildings in the dead centre of the picture. The white building on the right of the is the Old Rooms Inn, while the building with the two cream porticos is the Cove Inn, both now closed. The Old Rooms was one of the last pubs to be gas lit.

The Redruth Brewery in 1977. Courtesy Roy Denison

Various views of the brewery

Labels, advertising, etc

Ordnance Survey map extracts from 1863. "Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland"