Davenport's Brewery Ltd

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From 1961
Man At Arms, Bitteswell, Leics

Davenport's Brewery Ltd, Bath Row, Birmingham, West Midlands

Said to be founded 1739, with the Davenport family at a variety of pubs in the early C19 and John Davenport malting here in 1852.

Registered in November 1896 as John Davenport & Sons Brewery Ltd. with 57 public houses. Registered as above June 1929 but failed and so continued as John Davenport & Sons' Brewery Ltd. until at least 1950. A separate company, Davenports CB Ltd, was set up to deal with the bottled beer and home delivery service, while John Davenport and Sons Ltd continued to run the brewery and the licensed houses.

From the 1st October 1974, Davenports CB Ltd and John Davenport and Sons Brewing Ltd ceased to operate independently and instead traded collectively as Davenports Brewery Ltd.

Acquired by Greenall Whitley & Co. Ltd in 1986 with 106 tied houses and brewing ceased in 1989.

Images of Davenport's

Davenports in 1989

Baron John Davenport, 1869-1939

In the first floor function room of the Black Horse, Northfield, Birmingham is a bust of Baron John Davenport:

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 22,910
Description : A malt sack
Date of Application : 8/9/1880
Used Prior to 1870? : NO