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Huttons Birmingham b&w.jpg

City Brewery Ltd, 20-21 Cato Street North, Saltley, Birmingham, West Midlands

The Hutton Brothers were in Allison Street 1881-1890. They then moved sites and registered February 1890 as Hutton's Brewery Ltd to acquire the business of Richard Bray Hutton.

Voluntary liquidation 26th March 1891 and was registered as above 14th November 1894 to acquire Hutton's Brewery Ltd. and George Jerrams, Pope's Lane, Oldbury.

Receiver appointed 18th May 1899. Acquired by Holder's Brewery Ltd in 1900 with 40 tied houses.

Some buildings remain. See Vale of Evesham Brewery Ltd entry.

Views of the brewery, 1997:

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 87,719
Description : Words "The Birmingham City Brewery" & facsimile signature
Date of Application : 12/3/1889
Used Prior to 1875? : NO