Charles Thomas Thorn & Co

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An advert from 1905
An advert from 1890
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Charles Thomas Thorn & Co, Crown Brewery, Factory Lane, Tiptree, Essex.

Thorn converted the premises into a brewery 1888.

From 1892 to 1902 traded as Thorn & Livermore. Offered for sale by creditors September 1911 with 3 houses.

Bought by Thomas Daniell & Sons of West Bergholt.

Perhaps resold to John Fuller & Sons of Kelvedon in 1926.

Demolished during the 1970s.

List of Charles Thomas Thorn & Co pubs

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From ESSEX BREWERS - The Malting and Hop Industries of the County by Ian P Peaty 1992 now out of print ISBN 978 1 873966 02 4

The site of this brewery in 1897 was in a very sparsely populated community, with only a few houses built amongst a grid pattern of roads. Within the premises there was also a small gasometer which may well have supplied the needs of the local houses. 1902 was the last year that the partnership was listed, as thereafter the trading name was C.T.Thorn and Co, who continued to its last listing in 1926, upon acquisition by John Fuller & Sons of Kelvedon.

In the sale catalogue dated 1911 the brewery was described as of a capacity of 3 1/2 quarters, built on the gravity principle. It consisted of Malt crushing room with hoist doors and staging on the 3rd floor, with the Mash Tun room with grain shoot and loop on the 2nd floor, and the Mashing Engine room, cooling and fermenting rooms, hop store, copper room with staging on the 1st floor. The ground floor measured 21'x 13', cellar 44'x 49', Bottle Beer Store, Engine Room, Boiler house, cask washing house also private and clerks’ offices. A cask shed, pump house, large liquor storage tank were in the yard. The brewery was demolished in the 1970s and the area is now a residential housing estate.

Samuel Livermore was in all probability the partner having previously been the pub manager at The Melborne Inn, Maldon, to John Strutt, who acquired it from Bright & Sons Ltd's Brewery, Coggeshall. Samuel Livermore left in 1885.