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Courtesy Roy Denison

Castletown Brewery Ltd, Victoria Road, Castletown, Isle of Man.

In the 1860s and 1870s, Messrs Quayle & Usher were brewing at the Castle Rushen Brewery in Castletown. The partnership was dissolved in November 1880, and Thomas Frederick Usher continued the business on his own. The brewery was then operated by Theodore Sherlock and Edward Tooker, trading as T.E. Sherlock & Co. After Sherlock’s death, Tooker ran it on his own for a time, before deciding to turn it into a company in 1890. Castletown Brewery Ltd operated the brewery from 1 January 1891.

On 24 June 1899, The Isle of Man Breweries Ltd, of Douglas, was formed to acquire the Castletown Brewery, Woolf Brothers Ltd, and the Ramsey Brewery. Registered 1906 as the Castletown Brewery (1906) Ltd after liquidation of the parent company.

Acquired by Hope & Anchor Breweries Ltd, Sheffield in 1946. Re-registered as above January 1948 to acquire the Castletown Brewery and Clinch & Co. Ltd (Isle of Man).

Merged with Okell & Sons Ltd in 1986 to form Isle of Man Breweries Ltd. with 34 public houses and closed.

Images of the brewery:

Courtesy of Roy Denison: