Camden Brewery Co. Ltd

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The Camden Brewery Co. Ltd., New Stores etc., London NW1. Brewers’ Journal 15th November 1901
The brewery in 1901

Camden Brewery Co. Ltd, Hawley Crescent, Camden, London NW1.

Founded 1859 by Richard Garrett, Abram Garrett, Thomas Whitaker and George A.Grimwood of Leiston, Suffolk. Registered July 1889 to acquire Whitaker, Grimwood & Co. with 84 public houses. Receiver appointed 1912 and a new company of the same name was registered in January 1913.

Acquired by Courage & Co. Ltd. 1923 with 78 tied houses. Brewing ceased in 1925.

An assortment of images of the brewery

The brewery in 2012. Courtesy Steve Peck