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'''An assortment of images of the brewery'''
'''An assortment of images of the brewery'''
Bushell Watkins.jpg  
Bushell Watkins.jpg  
Bushell Watkins Westerham rear.jpg  
Bushell Watkins Westerham rear.jpg  

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Bushell Watkins letterhead.jpg
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Bushell W Light Ale.jpg
Bushell W Audit Ale.jpg

Bushell, Watkins & Smith Ltd, Black Eagle Brewery, Westerham, Kent.

Brewery founded c.1840. Registered July 1894 as B.C.Bushell & Co. Ltd. with 63 public houses.

Acquired Watkins & Son, Swan Brewery, Hosey Hill, Westerham 1897 and name changed to B C Bushell, Watkins & Co. Ltd. and finally as above when Alfred Smith & Co, of Sevenoaks were acquired in 1899.

Acquired by Taylor, Walker & Co. Ltd. of London 1948 with 102 houses.

Ceased brewing 1965. Premises used as depot until demolished November 1989.

Brewer’s house remains.

Ordnance Survey extracts from 1907. "Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland" [[1]]

An assortment of images of the brewery


Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 294,925

Description  : Eagle and spear
Date of Application  : 27/07/1907

Used Prior to 1870?  : At least 10