Burtonwood Brewery Co.(Forshaws) Ltd

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Burtonwood Brewery Co.(Forshaws) Ltd, Bold Lane, Burtonwood, Cheshire

Founded in 1867 by James and Jane Forshaw. Registered 1910 as the Burtonwood Brewery Co. Ltd. and was re-registered as above April 1949. Owned by the Gilchrist side of the Forshaw family, who were also involved with Hook Norton Brewery Co. Ltd.

Some of the public houses were sold to Higson's Brewery Ltd in 1925 and a further 23 houses went to Tetley Walker Ltd in 1949.

After an arrangement with Eldridge, Pope & Co. Ltd they also brewed their beers as Thomas Hardy Brewers. When Allied Breweries' estate was broken up, Burtonwood acquired many former Allied pubs.

The pub side of the business (approximately 460 pubs at the time) was sold to Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries Ltd (later Marstons) in 2004.

In March 2015, Molson Coors UK & Ireland (Molson-Coors Brewers Ltd) purchased the brewing and kegging operations from Thomas Hardy.

The brewery in May 2002:

Various views of the brewery:

Labels and beer mats: