Buckley's Brewery Ltd

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Courtesy Roy Denison
Courtesy Roy Denison

Buckley's Brewery Ltd, Gilbert Road, Llanelli, Dyfed.

Brewery founded by Henry Child in 1769 and became known as Buckley Brothers 1877.

Registered 10th December 1894 with 120 tied houses. Acquired by the Brodian property group in 1987. With the backing of Harp Lager merged with the Crown Brewery Co. Ltd (Pontyclun) to form Crown Buckley PLC.

Independence was restored under a management buy-out in 1993 but closed 1997 following merger of Crown Buckley with Brain & Co. Ltd.

These two films about Buckleys are available on BFI Player:

The brewery features in The Noted Breweries of Great Britain and Ireland by Alfred Barnard published 1890.

An assortment of images of the brewery

The brewery in 1995

Labels and publicity