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Their entry in the Trade Mark Registry
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Brickwoods Ltd, Portsmouth Brewery, Admiralty Road, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

In 1851 Fanny Brickwood bought the Cobden Arms Brewery, Arundel Street, Landport, founded in 1823. In 1875 grandsons John and Arthur Brickwood took charge. In 1880 they moved to the Hyde Park Brewery, Hyde Park Road, Southsea, founded by Henry Bransbury senior 1851. Then in 1887 to Tessier & Co's Portsmouth Brewery, Penny Street, founded in 1763.

Registered as Brickwood & Co. Ltd. 1891. In 1899 they bought Jewell's Catherine Brewery, Catherine Row, Portsea, established in 1845, which they rebuilt as the Portsmouth Brewery and moved there 1902. The name was changed as above in 1953.

Acquired by Whitbread & Co. Ltd. 1971 with 675 public houses. Brewing ceased 1983. Demolished 1990.

An assortment of views of the brewery

Some pubs

Labels and beer mats

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 545,149
Description : Label
Date of Application : 09/10/1933
Used Prior to 1875? : NO