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Corporate Membership

The BHS has offered Corporate Membership to businesses related to the industry for a number of years now, and has had strong support for the scheme. In spite of the frightening rate of attrition within the industry we are delighted that membership levels are still strong.

We offer two levels of Corporate Membership:

  • Full Corporate Membership aimed at the larger brewers and allied companies, and
  • "RCB" Corporate Membership aimed at the smaller new breweries.

If you would like details of Corporate Membership please see our page about joining the society, or email us at

We particularly value this link with the industry as it keeps us in contact with both many individuals with a rich vein of practical experience, and also the realities of current business trends. We have also been able to help some of our Corporate Members with the writing of their history.

In addition to Corporate Members the Society also has a number of Associate Members.

We offer our thanks to all of our supporters in the industry. Our Corporate Members are listed below. Please report any broken links to



Here are some former corporate members that are no longer with us:

  • Adventure Brewery, Sutton
  • Ballards Brewery, Nyewood
  • Barnsley Brewery
  • Bass Brewers Ltd
  • Wh Brakspear & Sons plc
  • Brodies Brewery, Leyton
  • Buckley Bros. Brewing & Brands
  • George Gale & Co Ltd
  • Hardington Brewery
  • Hardys & Hansons plc
  • Heritage Brewery Museum Trust
  • Tom Hoskins plc
  • Jolly Roger Brewing Group
  • Maurice Lovett & Partners
  • Mansfield Brewery Trading Ltd
  • Marston Thompson & Evershed plc
  • Mildmay Brewery
  • Morland & Co plc
  • Morrells Brewery Ltd
  • Otley Brewing Co Ltd, Pontypridd
  • Pitfield Brewery
  • T D Ridley & Sons Ltd
  • Ruddles Brewery Ltd
  • Ring O'Bells Brewery
  • Scottish Courage Ltd
  • Sentinel Brewing Co, Sheffield
  • Tennent Caledonian Breweries
  • Tetley Walker Ltd
  • Tibsco Ltd
  • Tuckers Maltings, Newton Abbot (Edwin Tucker & Sons Ltd)
  • Ushers Of Trowbridge
  • Vaux Breweries Ltd
  • Whitbread plc
  • Wrexham Lager Brewery Co Ltd
  • Young & Co's Brewery


The BHS has offered Associate Membership to museums, societies and research bodies closely related to the industry for a number of years now, and has had strong support for the scheme.

We value these links with those connected with the industry, in the widest sense, as it broadens our contacts with academia and the social side of brewing. We have also been able to exchange information with many of our Associate Members to our mutual benefit.

For further information, please email us at

  • Gesellschaft fur Diegeschichte und Bibliographie des Brauwesens E.V.
  • Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries
  • SIBA: The Society of Independent Brewers
  • British Library Legal Deposit Office
  • History of Advertising Trust
  • All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group
  • Hamerken vzw voor Brouwerijgeschiedenis