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Border Breweries (Wrexham) Ltd, Nags Head Brewery, Mount Street, Wrexham, Clwyd.

Registered June 1931 to acquire: F. W. Soames & Co. Ltd, Nags Head Brewery, Wrexham; the Island Green Brewery Co. Ltd, Wrexham; and Dorsett, Owen & Co, Oswestry. Brewing was concentrated at the Nags Head site and surrounding land.

Public company registered 1938.

In 1984, Marston, Thompson & Evershed Ltd and Burtonwood Brewery Co.(Forshaws) Ltd battled for control of Border Breweries and its 170 public houses. Whitbread who owned 19% of Border and 35% of Marstons backed the Marston bid. Despite public statements to the contrary, the Border Brewery was closed down six months after the sale in October 1984.

The Nags Head pub, part of the original Soames brewery, is still trading as a Marston's house.

List of Border Breweries (Wrexham) Ltd pubs

Images of the brewery

Images of the brewery taken on a BHS visit in 2013:

Some examples of products of the brewery