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S & T N Blake & Co. Ltd, South Cross Street Brewery, Gosport, Hampshire.

James Blake and Thomas Barrow new brewery October 1814.

Registered October 1897.

Acquired by Brickwoods Ltd. 1926.

Name changed to Blake Properties Ltd. in 1927 and brewing continued until 1935.

Liquidated 1941.

List of S & T N Blake & Co Ltd pubs

Patrick Miller writes:-

The most famous of Gosport's brewers was probably Blakes, in South Cross Street. James Blake started the firm in 1830 and by 1852, his sons, Samuel and Thomas Naish were in charge. The company was registered in 1890.

By 1910, Blakes owned over 22 pubs, many resplendent in glazed green tiles. Four houses still retain the tiles today, the King's Head in Brockhurst Road being the only pub to do so still trading. Brickwoods bought out S and T N Blake in 1926, but the South Cross Street site continued to brew until 1938/9. It was then sold to an engineering firm. Part of the site was damaged by enemy action during the Second World War. The area is now occupied by the Gosport Police Station.

The Author wishes to thank Nicholas Redman, Whitbread Archivist, Ken Thomas, Courage Archivist and Nicholas Faulkner, Freelance Historian, for their assistance with this article.